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Die Reaktionen auf die Neu-Auflage des Black Lautsprecher Kabels sind ausgesprochen positiv ausgefallen. Das originale Black Kabel wurde in den letzten Jahren zu einem Weltstandard erklärt. Zur Neuauflage sind folgende statements bemerkenswert:

“Black II is a completely different cable than Black. .. The smoothness of this cable is unique. Looking at both cables, not knowing that you need to look for a Roman “double” on a black outer jacket, we would say that they are the same cables. But let’s listen to them with a few songs, it does not take much time to come to the conclusion that really big changes took place between the new and the old version.” Wojciech Pacula, Hi

“I changed to the Black II after a few tracks and was so flabbergasted by the improvement again that I didn’t bother going back to the Black.It really was night and day. What struck me the most was how natural and clear the cable sounded with no nasties or obvious short comings. Now I know it can’t be perfect, and Geoff told me wait till you hear our pricier cables (oh dear), but I can’t remember hearing such a difference so easily, which makes my life a lot easier both as a reviewer and simply a listener. Isn’t that what good kit should be about.” Ian Ringstead, HiFi Pig

"The improvements over the old Black is a bit of a metaphor of the Tellurium Q development over the past three years. We are really focused on refining the sound and hopefully surprising even more people with our research and product development."

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