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"ZERO" is the best product in a monaural cartridge.
ZERO improved sound quality more by the axis of the non-magnetic body.
Please enjoy clearer sound quality.
The output of ZERO is 0.4mV.

 Product name  Monaural Cartridge "ZERO MONO"
 78rpm Cartridge "ZERO 78rpm"
 Weight  About 11.8g African Blackwood
needle pressure
 "MONO" 2.0g - 4.5g
 (recommended 3.5g)

 "78rpm" 3.0g - 5.0g
 (recommended 4.0g)
 impedance  About 6Ω
 (About 0.4mV output)
 Compliance  around 8×10-6cm/dyne
 Appropriate temperature  20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
 68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)
 Stylus Shape  "ZERO MONO"
  0.7 mil or 1.0 mil conical (pure diamond)
 "ZERO 78rpm "
  3.0 mil conical (pure diamond)



About stylus size of PremiumBEII MONO
0.7mil is suitable for reissue monaural LP and a monaural LP of about 1970.
1.0mil is suitable for the monaural LP of a deep groove of the first press of the 1950s.
However, both styli can trace the monaural LP of all generations without a problem.
When you listen to the monaural LP of all generations, we recommend 0.7mil.
When you listen to a monaural LP of the first press of the 1950s mainly, we recommend 1.0mil.



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