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Furutech's NCF Booster Signal L, a version of NCF Booster Signal, is a cable and connector holder designed to improve cable and connector performance. Having been a real success in Japan, it then entered the international market. In this "L" version, the cable is always placed on the upper flat part of the support, but the foot is much flatter, allowing you to position your cables at much lower heights. It can therefore be particularly useful for supporting cables at the output of devices with low connectors.

What is the NCF Booster?

It is therefore a multi-material cable and connector holder, improving their performance. Thus, NCF Booster Signal L not only raises your cables from the ground to limit contact points to reduce electromagnetic interference, it also provides real damping of cables and connectors, allowing optimal alignment to reduce static charges. By its action, the NCF Booster Signal L allows to obtain a purer and clearer signal.

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