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AntiSpikes were developed in an attempt to combine the advantages of hard coupling with regulated damping. Past solutions depended either on full coupling (e.g. metal spikes) or maximum absorption (e.g. rubber feet). The combination of the two methods provides the advantage of optimal energy transfer from the coupled component. We finally found the optimal sound balance for all characteristics with a specially formulated carbon-filled material. The material, form and size are specifically adapted for use under loudspeakers. Each AntiSpike can support over 100 kg. They are suitable for all support surfaces including carpeting. They can also be used with wood-base turntables. Another application is the use of spikes under racks, although this only applies to hard surfaces. In addition to their audio qualities, they also offer practical advantages such as allowing easy movement of the loudspeaker, simple height adjustment and protection of the support surface. AntiSpikes have a diameter of 28 mm, a height of 20 mm and are optionally supplied with M6, M8 and M10 threads in sets of four.

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